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The world of music may need no introduction. Almost everyone listens to some type of music, has a favorite musician or knows something or two about a classic hit.

The music industry is one of the biggest ones in the world. In fact the global music industry is worth $16 billion, and growing each year .In fact, according to official estimations, the total revenue of the music  industry within the United States  is expected to total up to 18 billion dollars by the year 2020.

What’s more, people are turning to the net to listen, download and learn about their favorite music. The internet has also made it possible and easy for independent artists to produce and distribute music more easily than ever before. This means more, music out there, artists that are more new, more trends and more and more data to keep up with.

The world of modern music is an extensive on indeed. As much as it may be exciting, one can easily get lost in all this new data.

This is where a musician and music expert like me, Edward Jackson will come in. I am a musician myself and I now travel the world as a freelance writer, writing about the music industry and introducing to new artists and sounds. This lifestyle not only keeps me very happy, but it allows me to stay at the cutting edge of all things musical entertainment. What’s more, I am now offering my valuable and well-earned insights into the music industry through my wide range of copywriting services, relating to this niche.


  • Write about music and trends in the form of blogs, articles, web content
  • My website offer numerous samples of the latest artists in the form of live streaming
  • I write extensive artist profiles after conducting thorough research. I let audiences in on intimate details about the past, present and anticipated future of these enigmatic new and promising artists.
  • My travels allow me to uncover international trends and music not yet heard in certain parts of the world so I get to the latest music news, while it is still hot and relatively unheard of.



For those needing professional quality content relating to the music industry, I can be your go-to man. The content I write can:

  • Establish your website as an industry expert and go-to site for all things music, improving your web traffic, and engagement.
  • Help you to stay in touch, yourself, with all things music . My expertize and insights can help you to stay connected to your market and audience, summarizing hours of research on your part and letting you in on what you need to know about music, and when.
  • Increase web traffic to your site through creating quality content.
  • Increase lead generation and sales due to increased traffic and engagement

My services can be invaluable to you, your services and your website. Having regular, engaging and well-informed content on your site , from someone who lives and breathes this niche can keep audiences coming back for more!